Close to the premise that the software supports the process, we already offer extensive support in the design. Through quick and intensive familiarisation with the technical requirements, we can translate these into an appropriate concept documentation, which is designed for decision-makers, users, testers and developers alike as a basis for successful implementation and commissioning. Serves the project. After all, the process should not adapt to the software.


A clean implementation is essential for subsequent maintenance. Well-thought-out solutions in the code mean that extensions and additional requirements can also be integrated retrospectively. In addition, mastering current techniques, such as Multi-threading, high-performance and robust applications that minimize the effort required to operate the applications. We focus on these points at all stages of the project.


Flawless operation, performance monitoring and optimization, fast response times … None of this should be alien to an administrator. Tailored to the needs of the customer and the present system landscape, we adapt to the challenges of everyday life with the customer and help IT, as an integral part of the company's processes, support them and not hinder them. A good reputation in the company is also achievable for IT.

Service and support

And if something goes wrong? Swift and prudent action is now needed. But not just do something, but work purposefully and efficiently on solutions. Therefore, the use of appropriate tools for error analysis and performance evaluations should be a matter of course. The know-how of the existing systems, technology and environment not only helps with operation, but also in support for extensions, assistance for the user and optimisation. Service does not end with the production, but we rely on long-term cooperation throughout the entire life cycle.